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GaN Valley™ & International Semiconductor Executive Summits join forces to advance GaN innovation and growth!

GaN Valley™ & International Semiconductor Executive Summits join forces to advance GaN innovation and growth!

GaN Valley™ and the International Semiconductor Executive Summits  join forces to advance GaN innovation and growth! ???? The partnership was made official last Friday, Sept 15th, during the I.S.E.S. Power EU summit in Italy.

With rapidly evolving GaN technology, and an expected $2.04B market by 2028, GaN is taking its place in the power semiconductor market. Recognizing the increasing importance of GaN technologies for the transition to a lower energy consuming society and sustainable future, GaN Valley™ and I.S.E.S. are joining forces to give their members the best possible opportunity for- and access to knowledge exchange, collaborations, education, research projects and events focused on GaN innovation and growth. 

The I.S.E.S. Power EU 2024 summit set for September 2024 in Italy, will welcome the GaN Valley™ as the exclusive co-host for the GaN focused day of the summit. Drawing from its knowledge, network and experience, the GaN Valley™ will be able to provide a premium contribution to an interesting and valuable day.

I.S.E.S. will be joining the GaN Valley™ flag event in the spring of 2024, where parties from along the European GaN supply chain will share their latest insights, research and innovations as well as work together on- or launch jointed projects. 

Members from both networks will benefit from the collaboration through gaining access, either free or at a discount, to the activities of the other party. This will be kicking off with I.S.E.S. members getting access to the member only (online) seminars of the GaN Valley™. 

Besides this, the partners will join forces to share the latest insights on GaN developments and market reseach, as well as promote the GaN field and its innovations on an international and regional level, ensuring the accessibility of knowledge and expertise to those interested in, and ready for adopting new power solutions. 

Big thank you to Salah Nasri and Jubed Miah, we look forward to working closely with you! 

About The International Semiconductor Executive Summits (I.S.E.S.):
ISES is a leading global platform that brings together visionaries, thought leaders, and senior executives from the semiconductor industry. Our mission is to facilitate knowledge sharing, networking, and the exchange of ideas among key stakeholders in a trusted network, ensuring that innovation and progress continue to drive the industry forward.

About GaN Valley™
GaN Valley is a leading technology hub specializing in Gallium Nitride (GaN), bringing together all parties along the supply chain to drive collaboration, education, research, development and innovation of GaN technologies and products, enabling market entry, adoption and growth.